Study Skills Handbook

Your subscription to the Study Samurai Library also includes access to the Study Skills Handbook website.

Remember if you know your school’s login details (the same details as you use to login to the Study Samurai Library) you can also access SSH directly at at any time rather than clicking through on these links. Teachers if you have a secure section of your school site we can also give you code to set up a direct link so students don’t have to enter username and password to enter. Any of these methods to access the site is fine.

Click on the link below (and then the button on the next page) to access the Study Skills Handbook which includes the following topics: Home Study Environment, Organisation and Filing, Time Management Skills, Managing Workload, Dealing with Distractions, Overcoming Procrastination, Developing Motivation, Goal Setting, Lifestyle and Balance, Managing Stress, Summarising, Active Studying, Preparing for Exam Blocks, Test-Taking Techniques, After Tests & Exams, Will we ever use this?, Using Classtime, Asking for Help, Dealing with Conflict, Groupwork Skills, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Mathematical Skills, Science Skills, Foreign Language Skills, Assignments Skills, Research Skills, Presentation Skills, Starting Secondary School, Becoming a Senior Student, Bullying: Issues and Strategies, Managing Part-Time Jobs, Your Brain and Memory, Live Your Best Life, Educational Kinesiology, Living Across 2 Houses, Travel: A Motivator to Learn, University: A New Adventure, Technology Tools, Basic Computer Skills, Be CyberSmart, Useful Apps for iPads, Microsoft OneNote.

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